Saturday, March 12, 2011

Friday March 11th 2011

Points for the day are as follows: 45 total

1 Gala Apple - 0 points
2 eggs - 4 points
Portion of hash browns - 4 points
16 Oz water w/ Crystal Light (x2) - 0 points
Chicken Enchilada Soup (cup) - probably 5 points
Cheese - 2 points
Tortilla strips - 3 points
Spaghetti (3 cups) - 15 points
Sauce (1 cup) - 4 points
Parmesan - 3 points
Garlic Bread - 5 points
Mint - zero points
3 cups water - 0 points

Ok, so here's where things are interesting. I have gone over my 29 points for the day (which I normally do on Fridays because every Friday I go out to a restaurant with the guys). This means I will be dipping into my 49 extra weekly points.

So with 45 total, I can subtract 29, leaving me with 16. So I've used 16 weekly points, leaving me with 33 for the rest of the week. These, I will probably not use on other days, as the rest of the week I tend to try to stay at just my daily points.

On the old program, we used to get... I want to say it was like 25 extra points... somewhere around there. And it was my general habit to cross off the first ten of them on my tracker. These ten I used as my error points, for the times when my measurement of food was off, or reasoned that they accounted for the partial points I ate when I nibbled things (like 1 mini chocolate egg.... it's not actually a point but if I eat one every day I've eaten a couple points worth).

I still like to consider those points as gone, so I will say there are 23 weekly points, and 39 to start with for other weeks... but it's my own personal habit and shouldn't be listened to if you get easily confused.

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