Thursday, December 1, 2011

I wish I was sleeping.

I played Skyrim tonight after viewing another house; this one was flooded and it had a strange like... squatter room in the garage or something. I'm calling it human cage #2. Also there were claw/nail scrabblings all over the doorframe of the garage area. TERRIFYING.

Well, I made it to 50k words on Malik's story; though it was a little rough in most places. I have come to really loathe describing things, and there's a terrible amount of description that goes into books. SIGH. I am already seeing parts I will have to go back and edit, or scenes I will have to add in (ugh) or lengthen/shorten. I'm going to go ahead and say that the storyline should probably be split into two books. I don't want to, so maybe I can cut and trim stuff and get it to fit into one... we'll see.

In the interest of finishing Malik and/or getting a move on the world he's in, I think I am going to begin working on a simple website with character designs, world info, species info, images, etc. I'm kind of looking forward to this as a winter project, something to cram in amongst all the other things I do on a normal basis.

So that's... away for work (including drive time) for about 10 hours a day. Mondays at the farm after work taking care of the peafowl. Wednesdays are date nights with Mils. Friday is night out with the guys. Tuesdays and Thursdays may or may not be days I go to visit houses in my grand search for a place to live that is NOT my parents' house, with a possible short raiding opportunity with my WoW guild thursday nights for old content. Saturdays and Sundays may or may not ALSO be work days for 6-7 hours, and saturdays are starting to also end up being farm days to work on the pen/shelter for the peas, and let's not forget that I generally agree to go raiding with my WoW guild on Saturday nights for ~4 hours. I'm intending to spend spare time writing Malik's story, and now I'm adding web design??

Just one question? What happened to being a lazy recluse?? This is surely a spoiled plan.