Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I don't even know where to begin about my weekend. It was a nice, long, four-day weekend.

I guess I will rewind to Friday, which began cool but muggy as my mom and I trooped outside to begin clearing the garage. Our garage has, over the last 10 years, become a floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall hole full of shit. Boxes, bins, bottles, a boat, a motorbike, regular bikes, papers.... there was so much stuff I couldn't begin to catalog it all. My dad never bothered cleaning any of it because he swore that it was my stuff... and my sister's stuff... and my mom's stuff. Everyone's stuff but his.

So we were going to prove him wrong and clean out the stuff that was mine- everything that was mine or my sister's would go to my storage facility, leaving his stuff alone. A friend of mine came over to help with the moving of things and thank god he did, because there's no way my mom and I would have gotten all of the stuff moved out in time for me to leave for my eye doctor appointment at 4:30. Instead, we moved out all the stuff, had some delicious chinese carry out for lunch, and then moved it all back in by about 3pm. It was hot and sticky and disgusting work- and we even found a black widow hanging out on an old glass jar. That was pleasant.

Since we finished early, I was able to leave early for my eye doctor appointment, which was very fortunate as I also had a dinner to get to by 5:30 and stuff to deliver to my sister sometime in between those times. I got to the doctor by 4, was out by 4:30, delivered Kelsey's stuff by 5 and was at the dinner right on time.

Now, Friday dinner is not out of the ordinary for me and my group of friends. Every Friday we go out to dinner and then head to someone's house for pen and paper role playing games. Typically we swap between two very good restaurants. Ginger and Mr Mike's Grill. However, earlier in the week Red Robin had mailed me a coupon for a free birthday burger, which I fully intended to find a way to use. So I'd called up Gabe and had him redirect everyone to Red Robin this week instead. The boys tried to pick up my tab for my birthday.... but I didn't owe anything so they had hard time with that! They did manage to inform our server that it was my birthday, which inspired them to sing very loudly and bring me free ice cream that I didn't eat. But the cherry on top of it was delicious.

I actually stayed for their role playing afterward, but I mostly watched Rusty play a video game full of zombies. I think they were role playing about being stuck in a virtual-reality small town during a festival of corn. It was all very strange.

Saturday we spent most of the day lounging around. Earlier in the week an old friend of mine, one I'd known since elementary school but hadn't spoken to in a few years, contacted me through facebook to see if I wanted to get together for lunch or something. We ended up going to Max and Erma's... the single most child-packed sit-down restaurant on the planet. I need to get her out more, because there's no way we're going there multiple times even if she is a vegetarian. I'm going to try to drag her to dinner with us on Fridays, and maybe even drop in to see the role playing games.

I was able to utilize Netflix in a new and exciting way either Friday or Saturday night, namely to spend time watching a movie with my boyfriend. We found we can watch the same movie at the same time if we pick one that streams directly. We ended up watching "The Ugly Truth" at his insistence, and it was a pretty good movie. I think my boyfriend likes chick flicks more than I do. I later made him watch "The Jerk" because he had never seen it and because it's just crazy. This is a very nice way to spend an hour or two, especially since we are so far apart.

Sunday my mom and I packed up the van and drove to my storage facility. There, we had pull out a bunch of stuff to reorganize it so that all the new boxes could fit in as well. There were three big tupperware bins full of good books. I even found a copy of my favorite book, "The Secret of Dragonhome." I have not read that book in a very long time, but I have read it many, many times.

Once we were done there, I settled in and made a push to level my druid on Wyrmrest Accord. I got about a level and a half, which since I am at the later levels, is quite the nice chunk of experience! I spent the majority of Monday finishing off the character, bringing her up the final two levels to get to 80. I ran my first heroic with my dad as one of the DPS, and it went fairly smoothly except for people doing much more threat than I was capable of doing yet. It's rough starting with no gear! What on Earth did I do when Meillyn first hit 80? I guess she was DPS and it was easier to run instances! Oh well, I will have what I need in no time at all, and I will be schooling the rest of the guild shortly.

Monday was my birthday (I'm 25 now... a whole quarter of a century!) and it was a lovely day indeed. I spent most of it watching movies with my parents- we watched Ghost Ship and Up and a few others. My mom gave me a skein of yarn in cool-color tye dye (purple, blue, and green) and a pair of knitting needles. She also knitted me a pair of wrist warmers out of it while I watched. It was pretty cool, and I look forward to being able to wear them in the winter while I am on my computer. My dad made me his awesome chicken parmesan for dinner and my mom got me the most adorable cake with a little green dragon made of frosting on top of it. All of it was delicious, and overall it was a very relaxing day. I even got to end it with talking to my boyfriend as I was falling asleep. I like those nights.

As for what's ahead? Well, the chicks I hatched out are going to be heading over to Liz's house on Thursday after work. This is both happy and sad- happy because I will finally get to sleep through the night and let the cat back in my room, but sad because I will miss little baby Megatron and Optimus Prime and Fox. Even if Fox has gone completely neurotic and swims in the bedding at night.

This is also an exciting three day work week, as I am taking Friday off to drive to my friend Moon's house for the weekend. She is about 5 hours away from me, living in the wilds of northern Michigan. I think she needs to leave for a more populated place, maybe get a job... but who am I to say. At any rate, we will have a fun couple nights celebrating both of our birthdays with some movies and some alcohol and I'm not really sure which we will have more of between those two. I wish the bluerays I got for my birthday would play at her house. I'd even take Netflix being able to stream on her TV, but her internet connection is so terrible that I don't know if I'll even be able to check my mail much less stream an entire movie. Oh well!

I look forward to this weekend with excitement and look back on the last weekend with happiness. Now all that's left is to get through the in between part!

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